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軌跡的影#05  Locus Shadow #05

不鏽鋼 Stainless steel.   241x55x55cm.   2019


太陽也需要休息#1801. Fatigued Light #1801

不鏽鋼 Stainless steel,164x21x40cm,2018


太陽也需要休息#1802  Fatigued Light #1802.   不鏽鋼 Stainless steel     104x110x2.5cm     2018







Light Factory


“The factory specializes in operating the reproduction and preservation of various light forms. It collocates the object with the environment’s atmosphere to recreate the things that one requires.”


 Light is invisible. Light can be seen because the light attaches with objects or it reveals its visibility by connecting with a medium. The modelling of light preserves memory and emotion; on the other hand, I want to make the reproduction impossible, I have chosen the recreation of light modelling and its field, but not the recreation of the light source. Despite the effort of the human, it is impossible to simulate nature. For instance, using the artificial light to imitate natural light, reproducing the contemporaneous situation of light by light modelling. It leads us to think about what is light. Is it the projecting ray? Or the beam staying on the object? Or where the light is emitted from?


The factory is an institution or space of quantitative production. It is a creation of human-need. The cold, geometrical industrial manufacturing status in contradistinction to the positive, tender warmth of the natural light. Through the attempt of forming strong difference by a base-point, it showcases the specialty and emotion hidden behind the artefact. 

©2022 by Chao-tung CHEN

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