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Depth Calculation Formula for Gap

Between 1908 and 1912, the Kaohsiung Harbor Reclamation Project ingeniously utilized the excavated soil from dredging Kaohsiung Harbor to create a new urban area adjacent to the harbor. This area is known as "Hamasen," and the entire process allowed the colonial government to plan the city according to their vision. It was Taiwan's first land reclamation project.

"Land reclamation" is a process that builds upwards from deep below the surface, incorporating various systems such as water supply, electricity, and sewage into the construction. Ultimately, it reaches the ground level where we stand. The visible surface includes grass, wooden boards, tiles, washed finish, and Terrazzo, among others. However, beneath this surface lies an invisible network of systems, defining how the city is constructed and operates.

During the residency process, through observing the gaps on the ground and the direction of water flow, one can extrapolate from the surface to the interior, envisioning my own "land reclamation" project. Instead of progressing from deep below to the surface, it moves in reverse, advancing towards the depths.

20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-008-drain pipe-002.jpg

排水孔x下水道x湧泉    不鏽鋼、塑膠垃圾桶、PVC帆布、紙膠帶   依場地裝置而定. 2023

Drainage hole x sewer x spring    Stainless Steel, Plastic Trash Can, PVC Canvas, Paper Tape.   Dimension variable. 

20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-008-drain pipe-023.jpg
20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-00-space hall-005.jpg
20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-002-river light-015.jpg
20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-003-orange tube-002.jpg

括號內的褶皺.   不鏽鋼、PVC帆布.  依場地裝置而定.   2023

Folds within Parentheses.     Stainless steel, PVC canvas.    Dimension variable.        

20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-003-orange tube-006.jpg
20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-000-space hall-001.jpg
20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-001-metal brick-003.jpg

縫隙與水的總和.  Sum of Cracks and Water.     不鏽鋼.  Stainless steel   H67 x 103 x 75 cm.   2023

20230816-肇彤-縫隙的深度計算式-001-metal brick-006.jpg

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