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Depth Recovery

When I was in residency at Pier-2 Art Center in 2023, I observed the transformation of the Pier-2 warehouses due to urban redevelopment and changes in architectural functions. Consequently, the walls exhibited numerous overlaid patches and traces – filled-in window openings, marks from removed rain shelters, and patches over lock holes on the walls. These human-made repairs, mingling with the natural effects of wind and sunlight over different periods, created a wall surface rich in texture.

Taking the flat surface of the wall as the 'starting point,' I aimed to explore the patterns within the wall through the traces of repairs as 'materials.' The process of depth recovery from the planar traces is akin to the creation of islands in the ocean, except here, islands grow from the inside out, contrasting the outward progression of architectural traces' depth recovery from the surface.


設定不同深度的藍    不鏽鋼、PVC帆布、壓克力   依場地裝置而定. 2024

Setting varying shades of blue    Stainless steel, PVC canvas, acrylic.   Dimension variable. 


藍圖 # 03   Blueprint # 03    數位微噴、PVC帆布. Digital giclee, PVC canvas   21 x 15cm. 2024 


藍圖 # 02   Blueprint # 02    數位微噴、PVC帆布. Digital giclee, PVC canvas   30 x 21cm. 2024 

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