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影片提供:絕對空間 Absolute Space for the Arts



這次展覽,我透過作品試圖在尋找影像與邊界間的關係。邊界之於影像的內,如同開窗看見遠方的山巒,漫漫山影與淡淡藍天間是被陽光照得發亮的稜線,你當下所看到得是可控的 ; 之於影像的外,則是你發覺影像與觀者間的空氣並不流通,那裡有條讓zoom in延遲的邊界。







Offshore stardust


In this exhibition, I seek to understand the relationship between an image and its margin. An image within the margin is like a glimpse of the mountain afar out of the open window. Far away in the distance, the shapes and shades of the mountain accentuate the beaming crestline beneath the pale blue sky. And yet, what you see is framed by the margin; therefore, you will find the air to be somewhat stagnant between the scene and its viewer due to the margin that postpones the visual experience from zooming in. 


“Sometimes, mirroring adds value to an object; however, it can also be the other way around. Not every reflection maintains an object’s original intensity in the mirror.” 


Through mirroring and replicating objects, I am trying to repeat and segment the visual images seen by the viewers. With constant interventions of visions, images are no longer the “parallel inputs” of objects; instead, the viewers will have to move to reconstruct the original images. I’m particularly interested in the gap created during this rearrangement. In between the actual object and the rearranged image lies a subtle connection, which resembles the relationship between a subject and its mirroring image. In the room, the viewers will reconstruct the time and space concerning the objects. As their bodies become part of the images through the mirroring effect, this shall highlight the margin between images and objects. Through looking into the mirroring reflection, the viewers shall be able to stand their ground and prove: “I am right here, not in there.”      


The boundary between the land and the sea is marked by the white spindrifts and the fine golden sand. There lies neither the currents down in the deep blue sea, nor the coal-black ores from the earth;  instead, the weather and the tides lead the overlapping and blending of white and gold, creating a constant shift, emergence, and fall of margins.


海市    FRP上色、碳、墨汁、不鏽鋼.   依場地裝置而定. 2021

Mirage    FRP paint, carbon, ink, stainless steel.   Dimension variable.   2021


離岸    不鏽鋼、透明片、碳.   H91x26x60cm . 2021

Beyond the  surface    Stainless steel, transparent sheet, carbon. 2021


地殼與星    石膏、描圖紙、碳.   依場地裝置而定.   2021

Crust and Star    Plaster, tracing paper, carbon.   Dimension variable.  2021


移山   Move the mountain


Stainless steel, epoxy , activated carbon

依場地裝置而定.  Dimension variable.  



海|岸.  sea|shore 

不鏽鋼、影像、布、風扇、鋁箔膠帶、描圖紙.   影像長度:2分38秒

Stainless steel, video, cloth, fan, foil tape, tracing paper.   Image: 2m38s 

依場地裝置而定.  Dimension variable. 



板塊 I    Plate I


Digital spray, epoxy, tracing paper, carbon, lacquer white

42x30cm   2021


板塊 II     數位微噴錶於鋁板.   42x30cm   2021

Plate II    Digital spray.   


位移 Shift.   不鏽鋼  Stainless steel.   H10x29x22cm    2021


褪去之後  After metabolism

鋁箔、壓克力   Aluminum foil, acrylic

依場地裝置而定.  Dimension variable


©2022 by Chao-tung CHEN

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