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王品驊,非畫廊 | Beyond Gallery,2022


When innumerable points are connected together, the points can form a line.

When a number of words are put together, the words can make a sentence.

When countless balls are arranged along the route, the balls can construct a channel.

The channel carries our daily lives, words and messages, and travelling through the space.


The channels and lines lying hidden in the architectural space are like the meridians and blood vessels of a building, and conveying messages, energy and circulating air in the staggered arrangement while making the space full of dynamic capacities. In course of conveyance, it is necessary to free up time and arrange the route for those oncoming messages. Hence, the channel also indicates the usage pattern of the architectural space. Through the nonfunctional reproduction of the space and channel, it seems to explore the interior and memory of the building by rearranging it over and over again


In the corridor-like space, the audience will follow the pre-established route and move to and fro. What they see will constantly change while moving along. Through the property of corridor, the mirror polished stainless steel sheets and reproduced concrete floor are installed on the walls, which attempts to create two different states of space’s “interior”: substantial state signifies the texture of the building’s interior by taking the stainless steel sheets away from the surface, mirror state refers to the extension of the space produced by reflection. Apart from the overlapping of mirror and substantial states, the audience’s own images are also reflected on the walls, and their presence becomes a part of the space over the course of movement. Even though mirror reflection is instantaneous, the capture of the images depends on the audience’s perspective, an “exterior” perspective relative to the interior (reflected images).


頻寬221    不鏽鋼、壓克力、鏡面貼膜、燈光裝置   依場地裝置而定. 2022

Bandwidth    Stainless steel, acrylic, mirror film, lighting devices.   Dimension variable.   2022


頻寬222   Bandwidth 222


Stainless steel, acrylic, mirror film, toner

依場地裝置而定.  Dimension variable.



©2022 by Chao-tung CHEN

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